Sous-Chef Saboteur is a 2D top-down stealth game about a uncover sous chef who is hired to take down a number of restaurant's and cafe's . To do this the player must purposefully ruin the dishes when the watchful Head Chef and Manager are not looking. However the Head Chef is a great cook, so you have to taint as many dishes as possible. 

This game was made for the Weekly Game Jam - week 95. The theme was "Bad Cooking". 


Cedar Bishop - Designer & Programmer.

Max Heins - Artist.

We appreciate all feedback.

Thank you.


Sous-Chef Saboteur - 24 MB
Sous-Chef Saboteur - 40 MB


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Cool concept, I thought about doing something like this.

I like the spritework for the characters/food/fly, but a lot of the background tiles and such don't really fit in. The blue tile is a bit blurry, and the tables and chairs outside the playable area are way too big. There's also vertical lines on those blue and white tiles.

The primary mechanic doesn't always seem to work when I press a button. Are you checking for input in FixedUpdate?

I feel like the walking speed is too slow. Sometimes a dish will spawn clear on the other side of the room, and you won't even be able to get there in time, let alone interact with it.


Hi Thoof, thank you for the feed back.

The chairs and tables on the outside of the first level were placeholder ones I had put in there that I didn't get around to changing.

With the food  interaction it is detected in OnTriggerStay2D and you can only interact with the food you haven't spoilt yet.

Increasing the player speed is something that I am considering, as like you said the dish could spawn on the other side or right next to the head chef.  

There were a few design flaws i noticed midway through and if I were to recreate this, I know what I would't do.

Thanks again.