Artificial Maliciousness is a game made a for a university project, it is about machine learning AI training other machine learning AI. In this scenario The AI start to think of malicious ideas if they communicate with each other for too long.

 You player as a scientist who's job is to monitor the AI and prevent them from turning malicious before you clock off for the day.

Can you survive the week without blowing up the world?

Team Members:

Game Designer/ Programmer - Cedar Bishop

Designer & Graphics - William Kun

Designer & Asset creator - James Applegate

Production, Designer & Asset Creator - Jacqui Pennay


Left Mouse Button - Select Node

W - Swap up

A - Swap Left

S - Swap Down

D - Swap Right

Q - Rotate Anti Clockwise

E - Rotate Clockwise

Escape - Pause


Synth whip sound (flood-mix, 2017)
Glass sound 10 (Sethroph, 2015)
8 bit powerup 2 (timgormly, 2012)

Steam Tech Mayham (Eric Matyas)

Dark Techno City (Eric Matyas)


Artificial Maliciousness - 33 MB
Artificial Maliciousness - 34 MB


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